Luxury Lake Joseph — Experiences, Lifestyles, Travel

Affectionately referred to by locals and cottagers alike as “Lake Joe”, Lake Joseph has the enviable distinction of being where you’ll find some of the most exclusive – and most expensive – real estate in Ontario, if not Canada. Summer home of choice to elites from industry, technology, and Hollywood, come July and August you’ll bump into all kinds of celebrities from the sports, fashion, and film world zipping around Billionaire’s Row on vintage wooden boats or jet skis. And if not on the water fishing or having fun, they’re hanging out at their (or a friend’s) luxury cottage, playing golf at private member’s clubs like Lake Joseph Club, or dining at an area restaurant or resort.

And those that don’t own a property here (cottages for sale can run into the double-digit millions) can enjoy a luxury cottage rental for a week or the season, often complete with concierge services, boat rentals and private jet service to Muskoka Airport in nearby Gravenhurst, one of the busiest airports for such air traffic in North America.

Whether you’re looking to buy (or sell) Muskoka real estate, are looking for a permanent home or a luxury cottage, let Luxury Muskoka be your guide to the top experiences, lifestyles, and travel opportunities on Lake Joseph.