Luxury Huntsville — Experiences, Lifestyles, Travel

The largest and busiest of Muskoka’s ‘big three’ towns, Huntsville is an exciting and vibrant community with plenty of year-round attractions, points of interest and fun things to do for tourists and residents alike. In addition to its rich cultural heritage – the Huntsville Festival of the Arts held at the state-of-the-art Algonquin Theatre is now over 25 years old – the town also offers great restaurants and shopping, especially in its historic downtown core.

Huntsville also has over 140 lovely lakes to explore, including the largest, Lake Vernon, Fairy Lake, Mary Lake and Peninsula Lake. Together these four Huntsville lakes make for some of Muskoka’s best boating, in addition to providing a beautiful backdrop for some of the region’s top luxury real estate and cottages. They’re also where you’ll find some of Canada’s top luxury resorts and hotels, as well as numerous excellent cottage rentals.