Algonquin Park – Discover Ontario’s top nature trails


Take a Hike (or a Bike Ride) Through Ontario’s Largest Park  

Almost double the size of Prince Edward Island (and a quarter the size of Belgium), Algonquin Park encompasses some 7,653 square kms of wonderful wilderness. Stretching 7,500 square kms from North Bay to the Ottawa River, Algonquin actually lies in a transition zone between deciduous and coniferous forests. As a result, even a short hike or bike ride will reward visitors with a chance to enjoy huge tracts of pine and maple forests interspersed with spruce bogs and beaver ponds, as well as countless lakes and cliffs that serve as home to a rich bounty of plants and animals. In fact, more than 53 species of mammals (including the majestic moose), 272 species of birds, 31 species of reptiles and amphibians, 54 species of fish, and approximately 7,000 species of insects are known to hang out within Algonquin’s boundaries, along with over 1,000 species of plants. Little wonder, then, that so many visitors are drawn here to witness Mother Nature in all her splendor.

Algonquin also has many other fun things to do and see, including its extensive trail network, ranging from those aimed at experienced hikers (the Park has three overnight backpacking trails) to over a dozen much shorter walking trails perfect for day outings. Three more trails are located on the Park’s north and east sides, all designed to explore a different aspect of Algonquin. (Trail info is available online or at trailheads, and during business hours at the East and West Gates and the Visitor Centre bookstore.)

Algonquin is also where you’ll find a wide variety of bike trails. Among the most popular are the Minnesing Mountain Bike Trail, the Old Railway Bike Trail and the Byers Lake Mountain Bike Trail.

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