Muskoka’s many lakes are made for boating

Muskoka undoubtedly offers some of the best boating experiences to be had anywhere in Canada. Which, of course, is just one of the many reasons so many well-to-do North Americans, from film stars to rock stars to tech-billionaires, travel to the ‘Malibu of the North’ (yes, Tom Hanks has been seen filling up his jet-ski at a Lake Muskoka marina). It certainly helps that the region boasts in excess of 2,000 pristine lakes, along with some 2,500 miles of shoreline, all of it spread across an impressive 2,900 square miles of prime real estate.

From classic wooden boats to sleek racers, wakeboarding to waterskiing, leisurely boat tours to a cruise aboard an historic steamship, or buying or renting a boat from one of cottage country’s many excellent marinas, Muskoka delivers the kind of first-rate boating experience that’s guaranteed to keep visitors and cottagers coming back for more.